What the fork?

15.  I  just don't get it.

Farmer Bales Himself In Hay - Watch more Funny Videos

14.  I wonder what the bears are thinking-- 
"Hmm, lovely sounds coming from those strange furless creatures. " 
Or, "Hmm, is that lunch?"

Going postal. Redefined.




 Karma's a Bitch.
9. Vehicle Designed by Shoemaker Elves


8.Thank you BP!

BP stands for--
a. Bad People
b. Business Pirates
c. Bovine Poop
d. Big Pickle


7. All Rocks and Dogs Go to Heaven


What else is there to say?

5. What the Fork? It's What the Fork? I've been trumped by "Sandwich Theory!!!" Breakin' the law, breakin' the law...uh-oops.
What The Fork: Food Theory for Empty Stomachs
Copyright © 2008-2009 by Jack Thompson
Meet Jack. Writer, editor, sandwich-maker; thinks the fact that "seeded" and "seedless" simultaneously mean the same and opposite things is funny as hell.
Why Jack? Why?

4. What IS this???

No, seriously...what is it???


3. Also beware of Dragon Crossing, Falling Fairies and Wizards Lightning Ahead

2. Stoopid Shoes. Are they pants? Are they shoes? Shants? Pa-oes?


1. SLAP-chop: Bites the big one.

From Andrea L. Polk.image
Out of the box I noticed that the plastic used in the device is fairly flimsy. The blades too are very thin. The entire product does not seem to be designed with durability in mind, and if used gingerly, it would probably stand up to a year or two of weekly, light use at most.
To test the product I tried a hard boiled egg first. The egg got stuck in the blades and really didn't get chopped as much as 'mushed'.
The next test was an onion. You have to start with a fairly small piece and yes, 'slap' the top which propels the chopping blades down in a plunger-type action to the cutting board below. It cut the onions, I then twisted the device to get another angle on the onions and did it again. The Slap Chop worked OK for onions.
Tomatoes were next. Starting with a quarter of a tomato, the Slap Chop did its thing. The harder and faster I slapped the blades down, the better the cut. Still, it seemed like a knife would work just as well and be just as fast considering set-up and clean-up times too.