Friday, June 4, 2010

It’s The Bees’ Knees!

Meet Guest Blogger Nicelle Davis

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What is your vision for Bees' Knees?

My vision for The Bees’ Knees Blog is to create an interactive space where poets can explore language. The blog is divided into three components: Writing, Reading, and the Biz of Poetry.

The Writing:

I post a monthly workshop, poetry prompt, and contest. Poets are encouraged to post their work and give feedback in the comment sections of these monthly posts. The poems submitted at The Bees’ Knees should be in a state of making—in other words, not polished ready for publication poems, but works still in the process of becoming. This is ultimately a place for poetic exploration.

The Reading:

Reading is a large component of The Bees’ Knees Blog. There is a book club that looks at three books over the course of three months: a book on craft, a book by an established author, and a chapbook by an up-and-coming author. There is also a salon where poets can post their favorite poems for an open discussion on why the writing is so good—why it works—how words remake us as we read them.


I also feel very compelled to help promote work that I find fabulous. Poetry is something I want to share. If I read a good book I want to scream from the tops of buildings, this is a very good book and you all should read it. In some aspects the Bees’ Knees is that very tall building, so when I find something good I start yelling about it like a cheerleader drunk on a six-pack of soda-pop.


*Speaking of really good poetry: Check this out!*
Nicelle’s poetry at:
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The Biz:

In addition to writing and reading I want to provide information about the business of poetry. The word business tastes bad when placed so close to the word poetry—like peanut-butter and pickles—but I haven’t a better word to describe the emotional rollercoaster that is the act of submitting poems.

So here is what I know about peanut-butter and pickles:

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Editors are not monsters, they will not kick you, or call you names. They are word lovers to the fullest extent of the word love. An editor is someone who has decided to dedicate their time, money, and heart to provide a place for someone else’s words. I think this information is very important for the poet who is just beginning to submit work to journals. I run a monthly spotlight on editors / journals in order to demystify the process of submitting work. Ultimately, I believe that poetry, like song, is a social animal. It wants friends, cohorts, family, and the company of other poems. The Bees’ Knees wants to be that coffee shop / bar / office / classroom where poets can meet and bond over a cup of great words. A place for community is my hope for the blog. I hope on it and hope on it as though it were my wishing star.

--Nicelle Davis

Quote of the Day: 

...The poem demands the demise of the poet who writes it and the birth of the poet who reads it.

-Octavio Paz: Alternating Current


  1. Thanks Nicelle, for being my guest blogger. Some great insights/ideas here. I esp. like the pickle and peanut butter comparison to writing and publishing. That's so apt! Good luck with your website and I'll be stopping in for my cup-o-words.

    Keep up the great work!

  2. LOL. Well then you should ease right into the publishing side of poetry without any problems what so ever! Thanks for stopping by. Enjoyed your posted photos today!

  3. well i guess i should mention that the blogger wasn't working so well yesterday, what with so many copies of this post (!)

  4. LOL. I thought you were just being extra-enthusiastic!